2017 Leadership Day

Our Annual Leadership Day is coming up next Friday, May 19th. This is a day that allows our students to showcase leadership skills they have developed throughout the school year, based on the LifeLong Guidelines and LifeSkills.
The LifeLong Guidelines and LIFESKILLS are an important component of our school community and student leadership development. They are the common thread that runs through all we do at NPE to focus on developing the character of our students. On Friday, May 19th, our students will showcase all they have learned about the LLG and Lifeskills through our Annual Leadership Day. On this day, we open our doors to parents and community members.
Students in grades kindergarten through fifth will showcase what they have learned about the Lifeskills in authentic, real-world ways. Each class will share something they did this year and their personal Lifeskill growth.
Please see the attached schedule for the day’s events. We hope you will join us for these presentations. Thank you for your support of New Providence Elementary!