Spanish Update

In case you are interested in knowing what our lions are learning in Spanish class, here is what has been going on at NPE.
Kindergartners have learned the names of colors, shapes, and parts of a snowman. They are beginning to learn the names of some animals to eventually be able to sing the Brown Bear song.
First Graders have been learning the names of animals that live in the forest. We are reviewing colors and we are talking about how the animals move about on land.
Second Graders are learning culturally authentic games from some Spanish speaking countries. They most recently learned a count out rhyme that children say in Chile and they are learning about what is seen in Chile.
Third Graders continue to learn about the Galapagos animals and they are learning to completely describe the animals with colors and body parts.
Fourth Graders have been learning about the Cacao tree and are learning the names of foods that are made with “Cacao”.
Fifth Graders are continuing talk about their family, where they live and are just starting  to talk about what they like to do in their free time.