Time to Roar Relay Week

Time to Roar Relay Week, April 1-5  

The week of March 25-29 students are encouraged to bring in change and dollar bills to help their grade level earn money for Time to Roar Relay Week activities. For every $200 donated, the grade level will be able to participate in a fun activity the following week.

$200 Pajama Monday:April 1
Wear your pajamas and bring a stuffed animal!

$400 Game Time Tuesday; April 2
Bring in your favorite appropriate board game!

$600 Workout Wednesday: April 3  
Let’s do some creative workouts throughout the day!

$800 Throwback Thursday: April 4  
Dress up in your favorite decade and have a dance party!

$1000 Fun Friday Mixer; April 5
Recess Mixer Day

ALL money donated will go to support Relay for Life.