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Third grade students are studying Figurative Language.  Ms. Hill’s students wrote examples of Personification and then illustrated their example.  Personification is when an object is given human qualities.  Listen and watch a few examples recorded by Eli using the Puppet Edu … Continue reading

Harlem Renaissance

Fifth graders at NPES celebrated their four week study of the “Harlem Renaissance” with poetry, art, music, and food this week in the Learning Commons.  The students enjoyed red beans & rice, cornbread, and lemonade while viewing their artwork from the unit study and listening to … Continue reading

3D Shapes!

Kindergarten students in Ms. Derrick’s classroom enjoyed creating 3D Shape Posters today!  They used the iPad app PicKids to take pictures of 3D objects such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, cones and rectangular prisms. The students labeled the shape using the text feature in … Continue reading