St. Patrick's Day Project

Mrs. Shealy’s third graders participated in the online St. Patrick’s Day project! A fun way to learn math skills!

How many of each marshmallow shape are in a box of Lucky Charms?
Students counted, sorted, made tally charts, and summarized class results. They shared and compared their data results with a global audience.

St. Patrick’s Day Project Results

Our Class Results:

Pots do Gold 49, Hearts 49, Balloons 32, Rainbows 67, Clovers 46, Horseshoes 35, Stars 22, and 387 Moons




It's Digital Learning Day!

This is a day where schools all over the country showcase and promote digital learning! NPES is hosting the South Carolina State Library’s Technology Petting Zoo and students are encouraged to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to learn how to check out books from our Learning Commons as well as learn how to access apps and games that are appropriate and educational to them! Lexington County Public Library is also here to help students and teachers learn how to access eBooks from the public library!

100th Day of School

February 1, 2013 is the 100th Day of School!  Kindergarten students, teachers, and parents enjoyed time in the Learning Commons for a special 100th day of School Celebration! The objective was to read 100 books in 100 minutes!!  What a fun way to celebrate 100 days of learning at NPES!
View our 100th Day of School photos!