Inventors & Inventions!

Fifth grade students researched inventors and inventions in their social studies classroom.  They presented information by creating a Glog – an online poster.  Some students also created a Kerpoof Online Story as well!  Take a look at a few of them! Igor Sikorsky Joseph Glidden Eli Whitney Isaac Newton George Eastman Samuel …

Honoring our Veterans at NPES!

Students and staff honored our veterans with several special activities on Monday, November 12th!  Children wrote letters and made cards to give veterans thanking them for their service. Students were encouraged to invite and bring veterans for a free breakfast after which a flag-waving parade was held down “Mane” Street. Some veterans …

Gem Mining Adventure!

Third grade students have been studying rocks and minerals.  They enjoyed an exciting day of exploration with  Diamond Del’s mobile gem mine!  Students were given a mining box of Brazilian mining ore.  The students then sluiced the ore in the water flumes and discovered a variety of gems. What a …

Ecosystem Tales

Enjoy listening to a few “Ecosystem Tales” created by these fifth grade students. Students chose an ecosystem, drew artwork, and recorded facts. The Arctic by Joseph Trip Modzlewski Grasslands by Aleigh Trotter Deserts by Everette Fowler

NPES Students Vote for Mitt Romney

The results are in from our National Student Mock Election vote! At NPES, Romney and Ryan received 352 student votes. Obama and Biden received 198 student votes. National results – My Voice National Student Mock Election: ELECTORAL VOTES: Barack Obama = 460; Mitt Romney = 78 Total number of Electoral …

Pumpkin Seed Project!

How many seeds does a pumpkin contain?  Mrs. Shealy’s third grade students participated in the Pumpkin Seed Counting Project.They had a 4 pound pumpkin with 461 seeds! What a fun learning experience!

Media Tech Students Create with iMovie

Fifth grade Media Tech students explored the iMovie app on the iPad.  They learned how to take photos and videos, how to import photos and videos into iMovie, how to edit their movie, and how to add sound and music. Enjoy watching this special iMovie creation! Media Tech Class iMovie

Students Vote at NPES!

All students (K-5) will cast their vote for President of the United States! Our school is participating in the My Voice National Student Mock Election along with other schools across America.  We will vote Friday, October 26, through Thursday, November 1.  Be sure to check back later to find out …

NPES Podcasts!

Be sure to keep up with happenings at New Providence Elementary School.  The fifth grade Media Tech class enjoys creating podcasts to provide weekly news.  Listen! NPES Learning Commons Podcasts