Let’s Read a Good Book!

First graders in Ms. Duckett’s classroom students wrote a book review and then recorded it using the video in Seesaw (digital portfolio).  The student uploaded their book review video to share with the teacher, classmates, and parents! They are just like “Reading Rainbow” stars!  Listen to this book review example!

Book Review

Albatross, Whales, and Seals – Oh, My!

Ms. Hill’s third graders have been researching and writing informational texts! Informational text is non-fiction writing that informs the reader about the natural or social world.  These third graders chose topics about animals such as the Albatross, Blue Whale, Orca, and Leopard Seal.  Take a look at this flip book created using AnyFlip.  Enjoy reading and learning!

Informational Writing by Ms. Hill’s Third Graders

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and to celebrate, NPES is hosting a READING PATROL!

On Thursday, March 2 , the NPES Reading Patrol will
be driving around looking for NPES families who are READING! You can read magazines, newspapers, books…whatever! If we catch your family reading, you will win a Reading Patrol Prize! If your family would like to participate, fill out the form below and return it to
the Learning Commons by Thursday, February 23. You will receive a sign to place on your mailbox or front door on that evening. From 6pm – 8pm, hang your sign and turn on your porch light to signify your family is ready for a visit from the Reading Patrol!
If the Reading Patrol sees the sign, we will knock on your door. If your family is reading, you will win a Reading Patrol Prize! We will also take a picture of your family as you receive your prize. Your picture may be posted on the NPES website, Facebook page, and other social media.

Click here for form to turn in by February 23 to the Learning Commons


Ms. Drawdy’s second graders are creating arrays!  An array is a set of numbers or objects placed in rows or columns. Arrays are often used to represent multiplication or division. Multiplication can be shown as repeated addition. The students used the iPad app “Number Frames” to create the arrays. Then, they uploaded them to their Seesaw digital portfolio to share. Click below to see two examples of arrays.

Array 1     Array 2


100th Day of School!


We’ve enjoyed 100 Days of Learning! Kindergarten students and parent volunteers celebrated this morning in the Learning Commons by reading 100 books in 100 minutes – wow! Various classrooms throughout NPES are celebrating 100 days of learning in special ways.  We love to learn!

Place Value

Place Value

First graders in Ms. Hall’s classroom and Ms. Bryant’s classroom are learning all about place value!  The students are using the iPad app Number Pieces to show 2 digit numbers.  They record their explanation of the number in Seesaw and then upload it to share with parents. Seesaw is an online digital learning portfolio. Listen to this example.

Place Value Example